HP: Amount of life.
ATK: Strength of normal attack.
DEF: Ability to resist dmg.
WIS: Strength of special attacks.
AGI: Determines who goes when.

Red Samurai
Strengths: AGI and ATK
Ability: Brawl - attacks 3 targets at random, can hit multiple times on the same enemy if there aren't 3 targets.

Grey Mage
Strengths WIS and AGI
Ability: Firestrike - nukes 1 target for nearly 4 times your normal dmg.

Blue Beard
Strength: DEF and WIS
Ability: Frontal Assault - hits every enemy in first row.

Green Healer
Strength: DEF and WIS
Ability: Greater Heal - heals one friendly familiar

Black Brute
Strength: ATK
Ability: Massive Assault - attacks 1 target for nearly 3 times his normal attack

White Knight
Strength: ATK and DEF
Ability: Triple Strike - Allows 2 adjacent familiars to attack with him.

Purple Knife
Strength: ATK and WIS
Ability: Thundercloud - Deal Damage and Sometimes Paralyze three foes.

Golden Lance
Strength: AGI
Ability: Scythe Storm - hits all enemy targets for less damage then his regular attack.

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